About Us

Haylee Hehl, IG: @haylee.hehl

Haylee Hehl, Founder

Haylee Hehl is the Founder of The Rock Glove and Co-Founder of FemaleGang. With the dream to become a motivating #femaleboss, Haylee’s vision is to empower females, to embody their talents and strengths. She aims to enrich love and beauty while encouraging the healthy and fit lifestyle. In 2014, she first envisioned combining her fashion flair and active lifestyle into the design of, The Rock Glove. “Fashion meets Fitness” is The Rock Glove style of living, as it embodies a passion for fitness, while still enjoying the finer things in life. Later, she continued her passion of fashion and empowering females and founded FemaleGang. She hopes to create a movement of empowerment through this line and inspire as many females both young and old to follow their dreams.

Elizabeth Horton, IG: @ebisacci


Elizabeth Horton is the cofounder of

FemaleGang, an educator, world traveler,

and mother of 2 boys. It all started with a call from her bestie and a heartfelt discussion to start something new, exciting, and classically feminine. This aligns perfectly with Elizabeth’s passion for adventure and desire to inspire. Here was a chance to encourage other moms to create their own side hustle, a chance to start a business and be a part of the movement for women’s empowerment. With this venture she hopes to represent the ultimate female

entrepreneur, wife, and mother. “FemaleGang is a dream come true because it fulfills my hopes of creating a line that builds women up during a time when being a working woman is more important than ever.” Most importantly,

she says, this is an opportunity to form an individual definition of happiness and go for it!  

The Rock Glove


Manufactured for quality and design, The Rock Glove is a patented workout glove, built to expose a sentimental or statement ring on the left-hand ring-finger while protecting it during calisthenics. For those who embrace an active lifestyle and aim to make a statement, The Rock Glove “style of living” embodies a passion combined with enjoying the finer things in life. Enriching love and beauty while encouraging healthy goals..